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Siemens 12ax7 review

Siemens 12ax7 review

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Location: MI. The Mullard 12AX7 long plate square getter is the best I ever heard. A tube I thought is better than the 3rd place Mullard 12AX7 round plate are the Raytheon windmill getter.

All are black plates. These windmill getter way outperform the Raytheon 12AX7 black plate by a mile! A real bargain IMO. Andy Saunders likes this. Location: Manchester NH. Luxmancl38Aug 3, ScottC likes this. Location: Syracuse NY. Location: Nederland, CO. I had the occasion to send my Rogue Magnum 99 to the factory in PA for repair.

I asked for all new tubes - the tubes were suspect used pre. They are still breaking-in, but I think I like them better than the electro-harmonix guessing rolled in from the original factory installation? They received good reviews too.

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BentundergroundAug 3, Luxmancl38 likes this. The Raytheon windmill getter is a legendary tube that has been praise to the hilt on the internet and elsewhere. A good Raytheon windmill getter is incredibly quiet, extremely detailed, with plenty of HF energy without edge, and a lean but natural frequency balance almost the opposite of RCA black plates, and very different from the warmer, creamer sound of the '50 and '60 Mullard long and short plates.

I love that tube myself. But I agree with russks don't always sound very good in audio circuits as subs for 12ax7s, really circuit dependent. Location: An Hour Outside of Boston. Otherwise there will be a volume discrepancy in the channel with the DaveyAug 4, Location: Seattle, WA. TarnishedEarsAug 4, TarnishedEars likes this. Location: Chicago metro, USA.

Location: Upstate, NY. Vintage Audio gear seems to always sound better with vintage tubes Telefunken smooth plates, etc. Modern tube gear, in my experience, it is not so clear.For a newcomer it is not easy to navigate among NOS tubes that are available through Ebay or similar sites. Should we buy a new tube to avoid the counterfeit?

The longevity of tubes depends on many factors and can be as short as several hundred hours as well as 10, hours. However, the life of any tube will eventually end and the time of replacement comes.

If you did not build sufficiently large stock of vintage tubes with presumably identical sonics the replacement of tubes will always mean change in sound. It is a kind of lottery with a lot of money involved. So it is actually easier to buy a new stock tube — not that it is not a lottery either, but at least it does not cost you fortune and the results are replicable.

The review is not exhaustive, I especially regret that Sovtek and Electro Harmonix tubes did not make it in time for the review. Finding the optimum working conditions for each tube was a challenge — it was not clear what these optimum points were as each tube was pretty unique. Because the process included also a burning-in period of each tube for days before it was used in the test, the whole review spread over several months. It was not possible to use the tubes in different applications as it would have made the review too complicated and there would have been no added value for all the variables could not have been eliminated anyway.

It is quite important to realize that each audio component manufacturer uses certain types of valves during the gear development so the equipment is a kind of optimized for that brand. The sonic signature of each tube was thus easy to identify. This is a very extreme case which will hardly happen in real conditions where the audio signal — and noise too — will be attenuated below audible levels.

The other tubes were collected from different web-based shops. The reviewers were responsible for matching the loudness levels during each listening round.

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Our listening notes read:. It has great soundstage, it is quiet and feeld analogue.

A Mini Review of Three 12AT7 Tubes

The golden veil is attractive although it can be detected on everything you listen to so the tube actually colours the sound slightly. The bass and dynamics were softer but not unpleasant. It makes it a great companion for hi-fi applications or in combination with tubes that provide flavour and colour. Sonically it is strong, three-dimensional and tonally rich.

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Everything maybe except the sibilants is detailed, balanced and articulated. I regret the little smear at around kHz, which is something that will not make any issue with instrumental music. The sound will be very much dependant on a selected application. All this without any thinness or lack of character. It is possible than perhaps some other production batches will behave differently, both units that were a part of our test were identical in sound, however.

It is the only tube in the test I would not hesitate to use in any high-end application for its tonal honesty, provided that the listener compromises on the softer bass transients. As if the sound could not unleash and dispense the haze. This tube will be good to tame some excessively bright equipment but it is not synonymous with transparency. In mono applications this will be no issue, however.

An excellent choice for high fidelity applications. During this review we usually played the music at fairly high volumes which highlighted one of the vacuum tube issues: the microphony.This type of Seimens made ECC 83 have the double getter support structure. On using in phono-stage,they sound very clear, dynamic and fascinating. I 've used them for long years and loved them. Highly Recommended Tubes! These tubes sound a lot like Telefunken 12AX7 but with a firmer bass and midrange.

Soundstage seems to be better defined even not broken in.

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Mix these with Telefunken for instance use in MC or line section and vice versa with the Telefunken. I am impressed this pair was from Brand new NOS Tubes at a reasonable price. More commonly labeled a Telefunken tube, it was responsible for delivering the lower sounds that were transmitted through radio waves.

It was produced as an aftermarket product and sold widely to distributors throughout the world. If you have been on a search for a smooth sounding tube with a glass bottom, this Siemens 12AX7 ECC83 option can be an excellent choice. The low plate current triode design of this product can be ideal for low level audio voltage amplification needs. It is commonly used in an input pre-amp because of its high Miller capacitance.

Its high value resistor isohms in a guitar amp andohms in hi-fi equipment. It can also be set up to deliver negative feedback if the cathode resistor is not bypassed. The 12AX7 tubes make use of a miniature dual triode to produce their unique sound. This consists of a 6AV6 that delivers a high voltage gain.

The cathode of the 12AX7 is indirectly heated. Its heater voltage is designed to be at Its heater current is mA in series and mA in parallel. With a maximum watt dissipation of one watt per section, it offers an amplification factor of The 12AX7 has been in continuous production since due to its nice quality of sound and universal acceptance of its pin configuration with other devices.

These long plate vintage Telefunken tubes feature an O getter. The O getter plates are responsible for the delivery of the deep bass notes in jazz, funk, and rock 'n' roll music. The long plate of the Telefunken tube can also be great for excellent midrange sound. These extended plates can offer smooth high notes and plenty of open air when listening to your tunes.

The plates are constructed of tungsten. You can see the code on the plates through the bottom of the glass.A German tube, a Russian tube and an English tube walk in to a bar……. The 12AT7 is not the most commonly used preamp tube in audio. That distinction probably falls to the 12AX7, especially when you add guitar amps to the mix. Why three quads you ask? Spares for my DIY phono stage.

Unless of course, you have your heart set on some Amperex or Telefunkens. Then the prices are, to say the least, eye watering. A note to guitar players: The 12AT7 is not normally used in guitar amps, the exception being as a reverb driver in some Fenders. Your amp tech or favourite tube vendor should be able to sort you out. All tubes under review had at least hours run time on them before serious listening commenced. Some by a little, some by a lot, and almost always for the better.

A couple of the Mullards and two or three of the RFTs flashed brightly when powered up. To the uninitiated, and even us old timers, this can be disconcerting to say the least. This is normal for European tubes of a certain vintage and is not a defect. The going rate is about 19 to 22 US dollars each. Sound: The sound of these tubes was balanced once broken in. Bass seemed extended and reasonably articulate, mids were clear, and the highs struck a good balance between too dull or too bright.

The sound of these tubes in the Elekit, optioned as described above, was very good even in comparison to a much more expensive amp. As such, they are some of the least expensive Mullard NOS tubes around. The manufacture date on these is Just received a matched pair of the grade A Sophia 12au7's and they sound detailed with plenty of air around intruments with a slight warm tone and controlled bass.

These were replacing the stock Primaluna silver 12au7's. The two front gain tubes in my Primaluna prologue premium integrated amplifier. Soundstage is wider and deeper with a 3 dimensional presentation on female vocals and jazz quartets. Thank you again for your great products and customer service. Sincerely John K. I am hoping as the tube breaks in that it will be as good as the Siemens 12AX7.

Right now I have about 15 hours on to the tube. I just wanted to thank you and give you feedback on the really excellent sounding pair of Sophia Electric 12AX7 tubes that you sent out to me. I have read some hearty recommendations on your tubes from other folks who are very satisfied so I wanted to try your tubes myself.

I own and have used both NOS and modern production tubes in my preamp. It is a high gain preamp and tube noise is a factor for me.

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In addition to the sound I think these might be the lowest noise tubes I have ever used in it. The tone is excellent and the tubes do everything right from high to low. Thank you again. I am very pleased. Of course get their "A" grade for best results.

Of course, YMMV! I was very impressed with your 12AU7's I bought from you. I just tried them in an Eastern Electric Mini Max DAC going straight into the Baby Amplifier I also bought from you and too my preamp out of the equation to hear more clearly the tube changes.

The Siemens is very clear, very open, and very natural sounding and very balanced from top to bottom. The Mullard is rich and warm with a big soundstage, fuller sounding voices and instruments with very vivid overtones with excellent air around each performer, and more powerful bass. The Sophia Electric 12AU7 took all of the above virtues and combined it into 1 tube maintaining the excellent clarity and naturallness of the Siemens, but also expressing musical overtones, soundstaging, vividness of the performers, and powerful bass and excellent dynamics of the Mullard.

siemens 12ax7 review

The above opinion was confirmed by a close friend who joined my in my listening test and has built his own tube amplifiers for some time and, whenever possible, also favors the Sophia Electric Tubes.

Close search. Capacitors Transformers Other. Primaluna silver 12AU7 Wow! Well Done! Glenn A. Thomas, M. Ray, New York. Take care, Jim.Well, as of Dec.

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12AX7 / ECC83 Tubes

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siemens 12ax7 review

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siemens 12ax7 review

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